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When President North bans unnecessary travel to help control a deadly virus, the nation's tourism industry goes into a tailspin. Digital Darling, the tantalizing hostess of an underground travel show, becomes a persistent critic of the president's policies, and very soon an Internet sensation.

North instructs the National Security Agency to get her off the air, but the task falls to a ruthless agent and the Feds look the other way as the body count rises. Through a long, hot New England summer, Digital Darling, her lover, and their hacker sidekick risk everything to wage a dangerous war of perceptions against the government.

A war that has everyone asking, who is the real patriot here?

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Non-Fiction: Social Commentary


"This book reads like a roaring fulminating speech. Richard Roberts' itchy ire is directed at numerous present-day ills—influence peddling and surveillance of our daily lives by the government; politics; the over-medication of old and young; scummy fund-raising scams and insurance that doesn't always insure; the mall addiction of the young; and more. Remembering the '60s, with its flower-powered down-in-the-streets populism, spontaneity and effective action, Roberts laments the way the world has turned and wants Baby Boomers—The "Biggest Generation"— to replant those flowers and provide a little sixties spirit to the currently young...Whatever is grass-roots (indeed grass in all its meanings) appeals to this enlivening ouch-sayer, Roberts admires, and resembles George Carlin whose half-grouchy irony always bears common sense. "If you want to hear the truth," he writes, "listen to blacks. Or comedians. Or even better, black comedians. Or comedian Lewis Black."

– Mopsy Strange Kennedy
The Improper Bostonian, September 2004

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